Louis Maddox

Louis is a man in his late 20s. He is slightly overweight and keeps his hair buzzed, the better to cover the fact that he’s balding. He wears a Hacker-con T-shirt, blue jeans, and his lucky LSU ball cap.


Archetype: Computer Whiz / Hacker
Equipment: Apple Laptop with WiFi account, switchblade, confortable clothes, and his apartment keys
Favored Skills: Computers
Influence: Although anti-social by nature, Louis has certain Underworld ties. He is a member of a Hacker Club that breaks into corporate networks. Some members are spies and thieves, but Louis is looking for incriminating information to blackmail some Corrupt Politicians.
Haven: Louis has a small apartment – two rooms – in the French Quarter only a few blocks from the park. Louis has set up various security measures on the door and the windows and a motion detector on the stairwell.
Encyclopedia: Louis’ hobby is conspiracy theories. When confronted by any situation involving his realm of knowledge you may roll seven dice to know a helpful fact.


Things I have learned since my Embrace …
Forsaken by God – I can feel it now. It’s different in me than in the others. It’s more evil. It’s fouler, and the others can sense it. Now that know what I’m feeling, it “wakes up” as I am nearing holy ground. It’s definitely awake when Father Thomas looks at me. It revels in the idea of drinking his blood and I think he can sense it too. I can feel the creature smile as it dreams of killing parishioners while they head home from church; not going to church, only after, once they have taken communion. I know the Embrace has cursed us all, but no one else was cursed like I was. Why me? Why not them?
Lost – I cast no reflection. I literally have no substance in a mirror. My iPad can take my picture. I see myself on the screen. Did I cease to exist on some other plane? Or does the mirror reflect that other aspect of me? Am I soulless?

My Vampire Powers

Heightened Senses – You can extend your physical senses beyond human norms. Eyesight and hearing can sharpen to twice-mortal limits, while touch, smell, and taste become acute enough to discern even the smallest details with ease. A character can sharpen any or all of her senses, as desired.
I See Dead People – The Shadowlands lies superimposed over the real world like an echo of things long past. Buildings that have been torn down are still standing; carriages rush past on ghostly streets; walls, furniture, and even forested areas still exist where the modern world shows no sign of their presence. You can see into the Shadowlands as easily as looking at the present world.

Louis Maddox

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