Leigh Whitney

Leigh is an unusually tall woman of Arabic descent. Her belly-dancing job has kept her in great shape, but the worry lines around her eyes are beginning to show. She has recently begun wearing veils more often at work to cover this up.


Archetype: Fallen Heiress
Equipment: Purse full of Clinique makeup, .38 revolver loaded, and $159 in tips
What I know: Performance (Dancer), Crafts (Painting), Occult

Oracle Leigh has always been into Tarot and other types of divination, because she genuinely can see the future, or more importantly she can read omens about the present. That’s why she went all party-girl, because she’s known from an early age that she will die young.
Striking Looks Leigh has the body of a dancer, lithe and muscular.
Alternate ID Leigh Whitney is an alias, created so she could go to school.


Things I’ve learned since my Embrace …
Efficient Digestion – I seem to gain more Vitae, more energy, when I drink blood than the other do. As a result, I find it easier to take what I need and stop.

My Vampire Powers

Potence – You are visibly stronger and can perform feats of strength.
Awe – You get noticed, even in the busiest room. Your beauty and charisma draw the attention of others like moths to a flame.
Gaze – You can allow your Beast to surface, focusing its rage on another individual. Your bloodthirsty nature is apparent in your features as the Beast hisses or roars in dark, primal wrath. Those targeted quail before you, fleeing in terror. [Your Beast remains hidden when you use this power]
Tongue of the Asp – Your tongue becomes long and forked like a snake’s. You may speak with, control, and summon snakes.
Skin of the Adder – You cause your skin to erupt into slick, protective scales, and your limbs and muscles lengthen. While this power is active, you have a hideous, snakelike appearance, but gain significant defense against Physical attacks.

Leigh Whitney

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