June Snowden the Ice Bitch

June's family lives in Denver but hails from South America. She has olive skin with dark eyes and hair, cut short but stylish, with a single snow white lock that hangs about her face.


Werewolf of the Uktena Tribe
Apparent Age 23
The Ice Bitch operates Dauphine Books in New Orleans for the Tribe and technically is under the authority of Christopher d’Esperanza as Keeper of the Elysium. Truth is, the Keeper prefers the more formal events held at the other Elysium to the beer and cappuccino crowd at Dauphine Books, so June runs the place and sets the rules.

Dauphine books caters to supernatural tourists. June schedules live music, book readings, poetry slams, seances and the occasional mortal birthday party. She encourages the visiting Garou (Lupine), Wild Ones (Fae) and Leeches (Vampires) to all get along. The city’s permanent residents tend to hang out at other locations.


June Snowden the Ice Bitch

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