Father John Marrow

A striking, tall man in traditional priestly garb, with a white collar and piercing blue eyes. He usually wears a rosary around his neck and carries holy water and a wooden stake.


Harpy for the Primogen Council
Archetype: Mediator
Embrace: 1886
Apparent Age: 35
Generation 10th
Haven: Corpus Christi Church in the Treme’ parish of New Orleans
Status: Spiritual Advisor to General Antoine Savoy
Allies: Several Kindred in the City come to his late night services and consider him a friend.


What the player’s have learned about Father John …

Father John is wise, learned, trustworthy, able to hear confession and absolve guilt, and knowledgeable about the vampiric condition from both a practical and religious standpoint.

Father John has an official role of arbitrator and confidant among the city’s Kindred. He is the Harpy of the Primogen Council and records all boons between Kindred in the city.

Father John calls Louis to tell him that he has recorded a Minor Boon to Fyoder, the Doorman at Jax’s Bar.

Father John Marrow

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