New Orleans by Night

Chapter 2

The Confederate Widow

The players are driven back to the Park where they awoke as Kindred. Prince Marcel has agreed to allow Father John of Corpus Christi Church to assume the role of mentor for the new Kindred, a role that should have been assumed by their Sires. Thing is he never offered to be their mentor, so that might be a problem. The youngsters are told to identify and locate their Sires so that the Prince can dispense justice, or be exiled from New Orleans.

On the way to the Park, Leigh Whitney asks to stop to buy a Tarot deck. Alexi knows a place and takes the time to explain some things as they drive to the French Quarter:

  • “No, a stake won’t kill you but will place you in a suspended animation, called Torpor.
  • Yes, you can enter Torpor voluntarily and many Elders do so when they tire of the world.
  • Yes, we can all infuse our bodies with Blood to appear more human, but some of us have this gift naturally.
  • Yes, the Prince is angry because he sees the hand of an enemy, and he doesn’t know if you can be trusted.
  • No, he has only been Prince for a few years and so his position remains tenuous.
  • Yes, there are Werewolves, and Fearies, and zombies and wraiths. Beware the Wraiths.
  • No, if there ever was a Count Dracula some Bloodline would have claimed ancestry for the prestige.
  • We are not human. We pretend to be human, to survive. You must maintain this fiction else the Kindred will be hunted everywhere. This is the Masquerade.
  • Kindred are born into a Bloodline, the same as their Sire, and with the same powers. That is the problem here, we don’t know what you can do. We don’t know what to expect of you."

The players arrive at Dauphine Books and Leigh meets June, a female werewolf who works the bookstore; she is open to a trade. Alexi tells them that Dauphine is an Elysium, a sort of “Pax Vampirica” where everyone can interact without the threat of violence. In fact, hunting in the area is prohibited. The players continue on towards the park, and make another stop on the way, at Jax’s Bar so Louis can trade a Minor Boon for a couple of drunk partygoers.

At the park Alexi suggests that the Coterie does the Prince a service by investigating the rumors of Voodoo in a cemetery nearby. They find the spot of their Embrace in the park and Becky Lynn and Jack get a queer feeling, like they are sensing someone’s worry. The group arrives in the cemetery and discovers that the site of the voodoo is where the queer feeling is coming from. They also discover some old clothes and a cellphone.

Jack takes a call from a mysterious woman who says "I’m sorry. I had no choice. Be careful. Don’t let them take your soul like they did mine. Don’t let them …. " and then the line goes dead. Jack’s contacts help him discover that the woman is named Marie Mekhet and that she is a prostitute working the Treme district near the park. Louis thinks she is also the Widow, a ghost who has haunted that cemetery for decades.

Before the night is done, the Coterie is taken to Loyola University to meet Christopher d’Esperanza who is the Keeper of the Elysium and a member of Prince Marcel’s household. He hears about what happened at the cemetery and is shocked that a Vampire is practicing Voodoo in the city. He mentions that Voodoo is practiced by the Followers of Set, who control The Port of New Orleans. And that this increases the danger of the conspiracy that created the players. Christopher grants the Coterie the right to enter the Elysium if they continue to pursue their Sires.

The players take refuge at Louis’ place, except for Jack who has decided that he is going to stay with Father John at Corpus Christi Church.


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