New Orleans by Night

Chapter 3

Memories of my Embrace

Alexi helped the characters last night and asked for no Boon. He clearly expects them to continue the search for their Sires and is being generous with his time as long as they continue the search.

The Coterie has a name that may be Jack’s Sire, Marie Mekhet, and Louis has a place, the Spiritual Reading Club in the Treme’. In addition, the players have access to the Elysium and can meet others of their kind who may know something.

The Monday night before Fat Tuesday…
The night began with a Feeding. Everyone jumped into a cab, courtesy of the debutante Becky Lynne, and went to the French Quarter. In the crowds, the Coterie began to hunt … except for Louis who stayed in the cab. Jack stayed at the Church and learned to Hunt with Father John.

First, the three girls proved that they have a powerful Presence…and they all managed to charm or bully someone into cooperating with them. Steve found that his penchant for drugs has not changed since his Embrace, and that he seems to have the ability to create illusions. And poor Louis learned that he can see the Dead. He even managed to walk among them before the other returned to the cab and then the gang, minus Becky Lynne, found Mary Madonna Mekhet at the Spiritual Reading Room.

They found the place recently burned down and boarded up. Leigh broke in the back door, and transformed into something snake-like. Mary was in a protection circle, praying, when the Coterie arrived and made no effort to harm them. She admitted to being Jack’s Sire, and said that she had only acted to survive. Her voudon friends had all recently been killed by Alexi at the order of Prince Marcel and she was coerced by someone into creating a child. She chose Jack because he was the most capable person she knew and for reasons she didn’t recall she knew that his investigative skills would come in handy. They learned form Mary that Antoine Savoy is Prince Marcel’s enemy and that Marcel would kill her if Alexi discovered that she wasn’t dead. Louis found the remains of his Sire, and a magic skull.

There was some debate about turning Mary over to the Prince, but in the end the Coterie agreed to take her to Corpus Christi Church. Jack and Becky rejoined the Coterie and they all met with Father John. He told them that Antoine Savoy would have no reason to help Mary because she didn’t have anything to trade for sanctuary. So the group all agreed to let Mary use ritual magic to try to restore their memories.

This is what they recalled …

Louis was Sired by John Harley Matheson, a Necromancer. Matheson was Sired in 1848, a few months before his 20th birthday. He was raised as a gentleman. He was the son of a slave-owner and became an abolitionist, saving “negroes” by using his father’s barges to take them North on the Mississippi. It his kindness and humanity that attracted his Sire; only a pure soul can be changed into a Necromancer because only a pure soul can bargain with the Devil for power. When the Civil War was over, and his father’s lands taken, he felt no anger or hatred towards the North; the strong should always consume the weak. But he did buy the old plantation and used the family mansion and its murdered dead to further his necromantic studies. He took the name “La Mort” and became something of a free agent in New Orleans. But a week ago Angelus, his Master’s demonic agent, came and introduced Sarah Cobbler as the new owner of his Infernal contract. Sarah wanted a Necromancer child, so John made her one from the nicest kid he could find in the local coffee shop.

Jack was Sired by Mary Madonna Mekhet, a Voudon. Mary was widowed in the civil war. Her husband was a member of the 54th Massachusetts, the first negro battalion, and he was the first black american to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major. She found herself working as a nurse after the war, and it was an insane patient who Embraced her against her will. She never knew her Sire because he abandoned her, and she inherited something of his insanity. She has visited her husband’s grave for over a hundred years, hoping against hope that one day a descendant will visit his grave and she will reconnect with her lost children. She joined a Coterie of Voudon practicing vampires who remained hidden until recently when Prince Marcel’s forces attacked them. Sarah found her right after, and offered Mary a chance at vengeance and her silence if Mary would make her a child. She chose Jack because she knew his skills and courage would be needed.

Steve was Sired by Nathaniel Dubois, a Hustler. Nathaniel was embraced in the 1920’s. He was a capitalist of the first order and became rich trading stocks in New York. But he lost it all in the crash, and then he found out that one of his now impoverished clients was a Vampire. His Sire enslaved him and forced him to do the most menial tasks to “repay his debt.” As computers and the internet boomed Nathaniel invested and recovered his Sire’s fortune. He was recently released after a century of slave labor, and Sarah offered him the money he needed for a fresh new start. Nathaniel picked Steve because he was a hustler, like Nathaniel had been years ago, and he liked the idea that another hustler was being given this chance.

Tina was Sired by Lucas Gates, a Psychopath. In 1968 there was a series of grisly killings of college girls in Michigan which became known at the Michigan Murders. Lucas caught the attention of a local Vampire noble, who saw the opportunity to create a fine sidekick. But after his Embrace, Lucas killed his Sire and fled. He is an Outlaw, and has killed hundreds of young women over the years. He never stays in a city long enough for the local prince to become aware of his presence. Sarah offered him money and her silence if he did her a favor. Lucas agreed and chose the toughest minx he could find that night, because he loves it when they fight back.

Becky Lynne was Sired by Edward Zurich, a Gentleman. Sired at the London World’s Fair of 1851, Edward was the scion of Richard Duke of York and the last legitimate heir of the English Crown, the actual king being descended from an illegitimate child. In order to avoid a civil war, Edward agreed to the Embrace if he was admitted to the ruling clan of the Vampire world. Edward agreed to Sarah’s little scheme because he despises Prince Marcel, and because Marcel probably murdered his friend, the former Prince of New Orleans, Doran of Carthage. He chose Becky Lynne because he knows her to be a “real lady”.

Leigh was Sired by Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Marie was Doran’s paramour and is convinced of Marcel’s treachery. She is ancient and powerful. There are hundreds of stories about her, that span centuries. In life, she was the Aztec princess who married a conquistador then butchered him and ate his heart. She hates the Church and feeds only on the blood of confirmed Catholics. She will only Embrace a lineal descendant, who will then be placed in charge of their own coven. It remains unclear why she Embraced Leigh.


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