Path of Humanity


Humanity measures a vampire’s innate empathy. It is the tenuous thread that connects the Vampire to their Human soul. A vampire with a low Humanity rating begins to reflect her Beast in her outward appearance. If a Vampire loses this connection, the Beast will win and the original personality of the vampire will be utterly destroyed. This struggle is known as the Path of Humanity: the semblance of living according to positive moral values and principles in order to cage the Beast within you.

Beast Traits

Each Sin, each act that weakens the cage, risks freeing the Beast. Beast Traits are the outward manifestation of these acts, and remain in play until the Vampire enters Frenzy or spends an entire day sleeping. Beast traits are cumulative and make it harder to resist Frenzy. ( The Storyteller decides when to take a Frenzy Test).

If you Harm Another – Gain 1 – You’ve significantly harmed another individual physically, mentally, or financially in a way that will take weeks for the victim to recover.
If you cause Permanent Injury – Gain 2 – You’ve harmed another individual in a way that will take the victim years to overcome (if ever).
If you Kill another person – Gain 3
If you commit Multiple Murders – Gain 4
For a Heinous Act – Gain 5 – You’ve done something inhumanly cruel.


When your Humanity is taken over by your Beast, you act without conscious control. While under the effects of Frenzy, all of the character’s actions must be bent towards the motivation of her frenzy.

To resist Frenzy, you must make a Mental + Willpower test. The difficulty rating is 10 + the number of Beast traits the character currently possesses. A vampire can spend a point of Willpower to avoid the effect of frenzy for a scene.

Rage Frenzy: You attack the thing that made you angry, and you will continue to fight until you damage it into torpor or unconsciousness. If your target escapes, you will spend three turns venting your rage on your surroundings before the rage fades

Hunger Frenzy: You attack the nearest source of mortal blood and drink until your Blood pool is full. This frenzy will only end after your Blood pool refreshes

Fear Frenzy: You run away from, or fight your way free from, anyone and anything that has the potential to harm you or acts aggressively towards you. Fear frenzy ends when you escape threats and find a quiet place to hide for 10 minutes.

Path of Humanity

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