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The Masquerade is broken. The New Orleans Special Task Force (NOSTF) is using the existence of Vampires to procure military-grade hardware and is building a database to track Vampires and Lupine.
War is Coming
Just Embraced
The characters have just been Embraced, and “learn” one ability dot in one discipline per chapter completed after Chapter 1.

House Rules

Blush of Life – spend one Blood Point to gain the Personal Masquerade merit for a Scene.
Coterie Sympathy – If your Coterie member is nearby, you know their relative location and can sense if they are in danger.
Blood Bond – A Vampire can spend one Blood Point to acquire the Aura of Command merit versus their Ghouls & Thralls for a Scene.

New Orleans Glossary
Vampire Glossary
Path of Humanity
Downtime Actions

See the MES: Character Templates for more information on character creation at

Main Page

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