French Quarter

The Ventrue Prince controls almost all the real estate and businesses in the French Quarter, via ownership in various investment funds and real estate corporations. If you do business in this quarter, you are doing business with the Ventrue.

Elysium in this District

Jackson Square, including St. Louis Cathedral, the Presbytere museum and the Cabildo museum, “Ventrue” [New Orleans’ Formal Elysium opens at Midnight but only for certain official events]
Preservation Hall Jazz Theatre & School, French Quarter, “Toreador” [Elysium on nights with a scheduled performance]
Dauphine Street Books, 410 Dauphine Street, French Quarter, “Lupine” [Elysium on all nights when no events are taking place at Jackson Square or at Preservation Hall]

Locations not controlled by the Ventrue

Lafitteā€™s Blacksmith Shop, a tavern on Bourbon Street, “Gangrel”
Crescent City Books, 230 Chartres Street, French Quarter, “Nosferatu”
Jax Brewery, bistro and bar, “Brujah” [You can buy a meal here]
Le Petit Theatre, “Fey”

French Quarter

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