New Orleans by Night

Chapter 5
The Vampire Ball

The Vampire Ball is the social elite’s private celebration in New Orleans. Only those who know of the hidden world of the Masquerade are allowed entry. That means few mortals and all supernaturals. It is Elysium, so it is a chance for blood enemies to meet and socialize. Many peace accords are made at the Ball about current hostilities. The War between the Uktena Tribe of Garou and the Black Spiral Dancer Tribe of Lycans is the topic of debate.

Tina, as Page to Prince Marcel, may bring any number of guests but under the laws of the Elysium she is personally responsible for their behavior.

Father John comes to the Ball. He tells the Coterie that they have made a grave error; the Loa can lie. And Mary believed the Loa and acted accordingly. When he is taken before the Prince his defense is that Mary’s word cannot be trusted and neither can a vision from a Loa.

Chapter 4
Father John Betrayed

Mardi Gras Black Tie

Prince Marcel is holding the annual Vampire Ball on Tuesday night at the Cabildo Museum under the laws of the Elysium. It is a costumed affair for New Orleans’ social elite and visiting dignitaries. The rules of the Masquerade will be strictly enforced. The Ball begins at midnight and goes to sunrise.

The Coterie has learned the names of their Sires! But, Prince Marcel will not be pleased to learn who some of them are. And the mysterious Sarah Cobbler, the sorcerous vampire who organized their Embrace, is still at large. Her conspiracy is clearly aimed at harming Marcel, but how? and why?

And the Coterie notices something important when they combine their knowledge of their Sires. Almost all of their Sires met with some recent misfortune that gave Sarah the leverage she needed to force their cooperation. This conspiracy must involve more than Sarah.

Portents and Signs

During the Ritual, Mary calls out to the Loa, her own ancestor spirits, to awaken the potential within each of you … this is what you Dream.

Leigh is in Church, praying, when the Loa give you a vision: You see a police officer, the letters "NOSTF " on his jacket are bleeding vampire blood. You see yourself turning a Tarot card revealing the Fool when you begin to ask if this is a real vision. You are in another vampire’s memory, walking down an empty street somewhere near the cruise ship terminals. The lights of the great ships are clearly visible and you’re enjoying that feeling that follows good sex or a good feeding, satisfied and tired at the same time. The night is young and the Kine are celebrating Mardi Gras. You see some police nearby and they stop to admire your looks as you saunter on by. Just as you pass them you feel a sting and realize that you’ve been shot with a dart of some kind. You turn in anger, and electricity courses through your body and you are struck again and again with more darts until you fall to the ground in agony. Then the men are upon you, driving a stake through your heart. And you feel a lethargy taking you down into darkness, into torpor. And you think “They are capturing me, not killing me, but why?”

Jack is praying in Church when the Loa give him a vision: You awake in a stone sarcophagus, with the implements of voodoo still around you. Mary is chanting nearby, and you see that you are encircled by white flour and white candles. There are Wraiths all around you rising from their graves. They are not the recent dead, but the dead from long ago who suffered horribly in slave ships before dying on this foreign shore. They speak strange languages and have Mary’s strange magic, and they hate your white skin, and they hate your dark soul that cheated death when could not. And they are Cursed because their spirits will never find their way home. The Wraiths cannot pass the circle. The Wraiths fear Mary’s magic. But they are growing stronger and you feel that is dire news.

Louis is standing outside Church, praying, when the Loa give him his vision: There is a silver stake driven into your heart and you are being bound to an anchor while your inner Beast is revealed to be a Greater Demon bound in silver chains. You are on the deck of a container ship, and the anchor is going overboard and Angelus is laughing and his eyes are alight with demonic fire and you realize that you are about to spend the rest of eternity in the darkness of the Deep. Just then the scene starts over, but this time you ask your Demon for aid, and he unfolds his wings and flies you through the shadows of the Abyss and takes you safely back home. And then you remember, this vision is the Fate your Sire spoke of as he Embraced you, and his last words to you were, “There is no boundary between Heaven and Hell unless we believe in one.”

Mary’s Confession

Mary is in the Confessional in Corpus Christi Church. She is telling Father John Marrow about a john she saw the prior night. He was a regular, a New Orleans cop that she would get information from and feed from when he visited her. But this time, he seemed different and smelled different. This time she had to kill him: When she began to feed, she tasted vampire blood and realized that the cop had become a ghoul. So she Mesmerized him and he told her he had just been transferred to the New Orleans Special Task Force and was getting the “Super Serum”. Everyone in the department knows that the NOSTF are getting some military grade performance enhancers, but actually the NOSTF is drinking vampire blood. There really were vampires! And the NOSTF captures them during Mardi Gras and exchanges them for more vampire blood. But the Loa tell Mary that his vampire blood is fouled, that it’s mixed with demon blood. The entire NOSTF are ghouls in thrall to a Demon! And Father John says he’ll take care of it, and he makes Mary forget all about her confession. But now, Mary’s coterie is dead and it seems awfully coincidental that Sarah had them Embraced just two blocks from the Church. How did Sarah get all that information? Who told her everyone’s secrets so she could blackmail all the Sires? Who gets told secrets more than a Confessor?

Mary left the group and went in search of Father John with murderous intent. She took Jack with her. The Coterie awoke from the science some minutes later and heard a the police outside the church. They then made their escape from the storage room.

Leigh decided to persuade the police that she was in need of help, and that her friends were inside. Everyone except Becky decided to exit stage left and ran out the back door. Becky went out and Mesmorized a copy into taking the night off. Meanwhile, Tina outran everyone while Louis and Steve were left to deal with two squad cars.

Louis panicked and his Beast rose up and helped him summon Bob the Wraith. Bob took the form of a Shade, a horrific version of a Wraith, and drove the police off the road. Bob then decided to take some reward for his efforts and consumed one of the cops. Louis ate the other one, messily.

Steve watched Louis go on a rampage and then took off. He and Tine met up and saw the police cordoning off the area. Becky and Leigh moved to a safe spot to watch the police.

Tina, Steve, Jack and Leigh got a text message from Alexi ‘get to Corpus Christi Church, Marcel is on his way. Father John is held hostage’. Tina was the first to arrive and Marcel overawed her and she told him everything. In return, he acknowledged her loyalty and charged her with bringing him the head of John Marrow. Tina took Steve, Becky and Alexi into the Church. Leigh decided to try something outside. Louis was a no-show.

The battle took a few minutes. Alexi and Tina managed to wound Father John, and he used some kind of living shadow power to defend himself and managed to escape. Leigh brought a snakey friend and then Father John, the snake and Tina and Steve all took a trip to Hell. As they traveled through the Abyss, Marcel ordered the neighborhood cleansed. He also ordered the police to apprehend Mary Mekhet and Jack McCandles.

When Tina and Steve arrived with Father John, he managed to escape again after healing himself of almost all his damage. He also claimed that he was innocent. Tina heard Mary in the Church whispering to him, egging him on so perhaps Father John is not entirely to blame.

The Coterie was officially acknowledged and given the right to live in New Orleans under Marcel’s authority, even Leigh who is a Follower of Set. Louis’ shadow walking ability remains a secret. Both Louis and Leigh are told that they will never hold positions of authority under Marcel because of their Sires. And Steve will be watched. But Tina was offered the rank of Page, a Knight’s servant, Sheriff Alexi.

The Page’s first order is to apprehend Mary Mekhet.

Chapter 3
Memories of my Embrace

Alexi helped the characters last night and asked for no Boon. He clearly expects them to continue the search for their Sires and is being generous with his time as long as they continue the search.

The Coterie has a name that may be Jack’s Sire, Marie Mekhet, and Louis has a place, the Spiritual Reading Club in the Treme’. In addition, the players have access to the Elysium and can meet others of their kind who may know something.

The Monday night before Fat Tuesday…
The night began with a Feeding. Everyone jumped into a cab, courtesy of the debutante Becky Lynne, and went to the French Quarter. In the crowds, the Coterie began to hunt … except for Louis who stayed in the cab. Jack stayed at the Church and learned to Hunt with Father John.

First, the three girls proved that they have a powerful Presence…and they all managed to charm or bully someone into cooperating with them. Steve found that his penchant for drugs has not changed since his Embrace, and that he seems to have the ability to create illusions. And poor Louis learned that he can see the Dead. He even managed to walk among them before the other returned to the cab and then the gang, minus Becky Lynne, found Mary Madonna Mekhet at the Spiritual Reading Room.

They found the place recently burned down and boarded up. Leigh broke in the back door, and transformed into something snake-like. Mary was in a protection circle, praying, when the Coterie arrived and made no effort to harm them. She admitted to being Jack’s Sire, and said that she had only acted to survive. Her voudon friends had all recently been killed by Alexi at the order of Prince Marcel and she was coerced by someone into creating a child. She chose Jack because he was the most capable person she knew and for reasons she didn’t recall she knew that his investigative skills would come in handy. They learned form Mary that Antoine Savoy is Prince Marcel’s enemy and that Marcel would kill her if Alexi discovered that she wasn’t dead. Louis found the remains of his Sire, and a magic skull.

There was some debate about turning Mary over to the Prince, but in the end the Coterie agreed to take her to Corpus Christi Church. Jack and Becky rejoined the Coterie and they all met with Father John. He told them that Antoine Savoy would have no reason to help Mary because she didn’t have anything to trade for sanctuary. So the group all agreed to let Mary use ritual magic to try to restore their memories.

This is what they recalled …

Louis was Sired by John Harley Matheson, a Necromancer. Matheson was Sired in 1848, a few months before his 20th birthday. He was raised as a gentleman. He was the son of a slave-owner and became an abolitionist, saving “negroes” by using his father’s barges to take them North on the Mississippi. It his kindness and humanity that attracted his Sire; only a pure soul can be changed into a Necromancer because only a pure soul can bargain with the Devil for power. When the Civil War was over, and his father’s lands taken, he felt no anger or hatred towards the North; the strong should always consume the weak. But he did buy the old plantation and used the family mansion and its murdered dead to further his necromantic studies. He took the name “La Mort” and became something of a free agent in New Orleans. But a week ago Angelus, his Master’s demonic agent, came and introduced Sarah Cobbler as the new owner of his Infernal contract. Sarah wanted a Necromancer child, so John made her one from the nicest kid he could find in the local coffee shop.

Jack was Sired by Mary Madonna Mekhet, a Voudon. Mary was widowed in the civil war. Her husband was a member of the 54th Massachusetts, the first negro battalion, and he was the first black american to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major. She found herself working as a nurse after the war, and it was an insane patient who Embraced her against her will. She never knew her Sire because he abandoned her, and she inherited something of his insanity. She has visited her husband’s grave for over a hundred years, hoping against hope that one day a descendant will visit his grave and she will reconnect with her lost children. She joined a Coterie of Voudon practicing vampires who remained hidden until recently when Prince Marcel’s forces attacked them. Sarah found her right after, and offered Mary a chance at vengeance and her silence if Mary would make her a child. She chose Jack because she knew his skills and courage would be needed.

Steve was Sired by Nathaniel Dubois, a Hustler. Nathaniel was embraced in the 1920’s. He was a capitalist of the first order and became rich trading stocks in New York. But he lost it all in the crash, and then he found out that one of his now impoverished clients was a Vampire. His Sire enslaved him and forced him to do the most menial tasks to “repay his debt.” As computers and the internet boomed Nathaniel invested and recovered his Sire’s fortune. He was recently released after a century of slave labor, and Sarah offered him the money he needed for a fresh new start. Nathaniel picked Steve because he was a hustler, like Nathaniel had been years ago, and he liked the idea that another hustler was being given this chance.

Tina was Sired by Lucas Gates, a Psychopath. In 1968 there was a series of grisly killings of college girls in Michigan which became known at the Michigan Murders. Lucas caught the attention of a local Vampire noble, who saw the opportunity to create a fine sidekick. But after his Embrace, Lucas killed his Sire and fled. He is an Outlaw, and has killed hundreds of young women over the years. He never stays in a city long enough for the local prince to become aware of his presence. Sarah offered him money and her silence if he did her a favor. Lucas agreed and chose the toughest minx he could find that night, because he loves it when they fight back.

Becky Lynne was Sired by Edward Zurich, a Gentleman. Sired at the London World’s Fair of 1851, Edward was the scion of Richard Duke of York and the last legitimate heir of the English Crown, the actual king being descended from an illegitimate child. In order to avoid a civil war, Edward agreed to the Embrace if he was admitted to the ruling clan of the Vampire world. Edward agreed to Sarah’s little scheme because he despises Prince Marcel, and because Marcel probably murdered his friend, the former Prince of New Orleans, Doran of Carthage. He chose Becky Lynne because he knows her to be a “real lady”.

Leigh was Sired by Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Marie was Doran’s paramour and is convinced of Marcel’s treachery. She is ancient and powerful. There are hundreds of stories about her, that span centuries. In life, she was the Aztec princess who married a conquistador then butchered him and ate his heart. She hates the Church and feeds only on the blood of confirmed Catholics. She will only Embrace a lineal descendant, who will then be placed in charge of their own coven. It remains unclear why she Embraced Leigh.

Chapter 2
The Confederate Widow

The players are driven back to the Park where they awoke as Kindred. Prince Marcel has agreed to allow Father John of Corpus Christi Church to assume the role of mentor for the new Kindred, a role that should have been assumed by their Sires. Thing is he never offered to be their mentor, so that might be a problem. The youngsters are told to identify and locate their Sires so that the Prince can dispense justice, or be exiled from New Orleans.

On the way to the Park, Leigh Whitney asks to stop to buy a Tarot deck. Alexi knows a place and takes the time to explain some things as they drive to the French Quarter:

  • “No, a stake won’t kill you but will place you in a suspended animation, called Torpor.
  • Yes, you can enter Torpor voluntarily and many Elders do so when they tire of the world.
  • Yes, we can all infuse our bodies with Blood to appear more human, but some of us have this gift naturally.
  • Yes, the Prince is angry because he sees the hand of an enemy, and he doesn’t know if you can be trusted.
  • No, he has only been Prince for a few years and so his position remains tenuous.
  • Yes, there are Werewolves, and Fearies, and zombies and wraiths. Beware the Wraiths.
  • No, if there ever was a Count Dracula some Bloodline would have claimed ancestry for the prestige.
  • We are not human. We pretend to be human, to survive. You must maintain this fiction else the Kindred will be hunted everywhere. This is the Masquerade.
  • Kindred are born into a Bloodline, the same as their Sire, and with the same powers. That is the problem here, we don’t know what you can do. We don’t know what to expect of you."

The players arrive at Dauphine Books and Leigh meets June, a female werewolf who works the bookstore; she is open to a trade. Alexi tells them that Dauphine is an Elysium, a sort of “Pax Vampirica” where everyone can interact without the threat of violence. In fact, hunting in the area is prohibited. The players continue on towards the park, and make another stop on the way, at Jax’s Bar so Louis can trade a Minor Boon for a couple of drunk partygoers.

At the park Alexi suggests that the Coterie does the Prince a service by investigating the rumors of Voodoo in a cemetery nearby. They find the spot of their Embrace in the park and Becky Lynn and Jack get a queer feeling, like they are sensing someone’s worry. The group arrives in the cemetery and discovers that the site of the voodoo is where the queer feeling is coming from. They also discover some old clothes and a cellphone.

Jack takes a call from a mysterious woman who says "I’m sorry. I had no choice. Be careful. Don’t let them take your soul like they did mine. Don’t let them …. " and then the line goes dead. Jack’s contacts help him discover that the woman is named Marie Mekhet and that she is a prostitute working the Treme district near the park. Louis thinks she is also the Widow, a ghost who has haunted that cemetery for decades.

Before the night is done, the Coterie is taken to Loyola University to meet Christopher d’Esperanza who is the Keeper of the Elysium and a member of Prince Marcel’s household. He hears about what happened at the cemetery and is shocked that a Vampire is practicing Voodoo in the city. He mentions that Voodoo is practiced by the Followers of Set, who control The Port of New Orleans. And that this increases the danger of the conspiracy that created the players. Christopher grants the Coterie the right to enter the Elysium if they continue to pursue their Sires.

The players take refuge at Louis’ place, except for Jack who has decided that he is going to stay with Father John at Corpus Christi Church.

Chapter 1
Waking From Death

[Primary storyline is taken from the Vampire the Requiem Demo, with a complete conversion to MET: Vampire the Masquerade]

The Coterie awakes in the Park after a wild night of fun in the French Quarter of New Orleans. At first, they think they’ve drank too much or got high or something. But quickly they realize that the people around them are strangers, and they feel both wary and angry. Soon, the situation escalates and Louis Maddox pulls a knife. The two girls, Tina and Becky Lynn agree to head out of the Park together, to get away from these men. And just then, some college kids enter the Park singing at the top of their lungs and carousing. The players find themselves drawn to the path that bisects the park and soon are facing the newcomers. They then experience a gnawing sensation in their stomach. Is it a reaction to what they drank? Is it poison? Louis lunges out at one of the young college boys intent on biting his throat, then catches himself. Each player finds themselves drawn to these drunken teenagers. Each player finds themselves driven to bite their necks. Only Steve Rockoff and Tina Baker succumb to their instincts and feed from two of the kids. Steve kills his victim and finds himself unable to cope with being a murderer. Tina finds the strength to stop before her victim dies only to see Jake shoot the victim for some reason. Father Marrow arrives to collect the characters and takes them to his Church. He explains to them that they are Vampires, or Kindred. And he tells them that they are cursed by God. Father Thomas, a human, helps them realize that this is not an illusion and that they really are undead who crave the blood of the living. A few minutes later, Alexander Dubreski, the Prince’s Sheriff, arrives to collect the new Kindred and meet the Prince of New Orleans, Marcel Guilbeau. Prince Marcel forces his way into their minds to discover the identity of their Sires and instead finds a complex weaving of Blood Sorcery that hides the event entirely. He grows enraged, and then wonders how these youngsters have manipulated his emotions. He hides his worry by threatening exile if the new Coterie fails to find out the identity of their Sires, and sends them back to the Park.


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