Tina Baker

Tina is 20, and is a striking, athletic young woman with a feline charisma. She stands about 5’6’’ and keeps her brown hair cut chin-length. She is in club clothes, tight pants, heels, silk blouse and dangles; sexy but not trashy.


Archetype: College Student (sorority girl)
Equipment: IPhone 4S (battery at 10%), shoulder bag with $147 cash, a change of clothes and some flat shoes.
Favored Skills: Athletics, Brawl
Influence: Tina is a real good student, and knows some people at the University.
Resources: Tina’s grandmother set up a trust fund for her. The deal is she has to graduate college before she has access to the rest of it. Her allowance is $5,000 a month including tuition, room and board, etc.


Things I have learned since my Embrace …
Illusion of Life – Becky Lynne, Steve and I appear be fully human, alive and healthy. We can walk among humans more easily and we don’t create that sense of unease in humans that some of the others do. Our skin is warm to the touch. And we have the capacity to eat and drink normal food as a human does. I can still savor the taste of a good drink! Unfortunately, it’s an illusion. We don’t derive any nourishment from normal food, and we live off blood like the others. But our ability to eat is a benefit to those of us who are still trying to live among humans.
The Beast – There is a creature that looks out at me when I look into a mirror. Sometimes it’s a twisted version of my own face, with a wide mouth and fangs, and sometimes it’s all shadow and glowing eyes. Others see it too and react with fear and loathing. Apparently, the creature doesn’t like to see itself and becomes enraged when it does. Each time I am faced with my new reflection, I can feel myself getting angry and losing some of my self-control.

My Vampire Powers

Burning Wrath – By channelling my anger, I can alter the strength in my hands such that I can pierce metal. My hands glow red with heat but don’t seem to burn.
Awe – You get noticed, even in the busiest room. Your beauty and charisma draw the attention of others like moths to a flame.

Tina Baker

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