Steve Rockoff

Steve is a handsome young man, with bright eyes and coal-black skin. His clothes are often old, but always clean and pressed. He cannot sit still, and constantly seems to be in motion.


Archetype: Scared Tough Guy
Equipment: Stolen cell phone, Meth bagged for sale, and $250 of drug money
Favored Skills: Security, Subterfuge
Companion: Steve’s best friend and roommate is a werewolf. Guy Bastille was turned about a year ago and is just starting to get back to normal again. Guy has been trying to get Steve to join the pack, but the 50% survival rate on conversion is putting him off, not to mention all the bug spirits.
Haven: Steve and Guy are regular patrons of various Havens, called Elysiums, in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. You see and are seen such that everyone there knows who you are.
Influence: Steve knows the location of the Bourbon Street Werewolf Pack and can trade favors there through Guy. The werewolves actually live on the outskirts of the city but congregate at the Dauphin Lounge in town. Steve has also had some drinks with the New Orlean Police Special Task Force guys, who hunt the “renegades” who’ve broken pack law.


Things I have learned since my Embrace …
Illusion of Life – Tina, Becky Lynn and I appear be fully human, alive and healthy. We can walk among humans more easily and we don’t create that sense of unease in humans that some of the others do. Our skin is warm to the touch. And we have the capacity to eat and drink normal food as a human does. I can still savor the taste of a good drink! Unfortunately, it’s an illusion. We don’t derive any nourishment from normal food, and we live off blood like the others. But our ability to eat is a benefit to those of us who are still trying to live among humans.
Amphetamines – I still like getting high. I can smell the nicotine and the methamphetamine in someone’s sweat, or maybe in their blood. It seems to spark my Hunger. I still like getting high, but at least now I don’t have to pay for it.
The Beast – There is a creature that looks out at me when I look into a mirror. Sometimes it’s a twisted version of my own face, with a wide mouth and fangs, and sometimes it’s all shadow and glowing eyes. Others see it too and react with fear and loathing. Apparently, the creature doesn’t like to see itself and becomes enraged when it does. Each time I am faced with my new reflection, I can feel myself getting angry and losing some of my self-control.

My Vampire Powers

Waking Dream – You can weave a simple and stationary illusion from the gossamer threads of mortal dreams, making it real enough to fool a single sense. [Your illusions can be used as an attack to distract a target]

Steve Rockoff

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