Prince Marcel Guilbeau d'Esperanza

An attractive man with dark brown hair and blue eyes, standing 5'10". He usually dresses in tailored suits.


Camarilla Prince of New Orleans
Archetype: Royalty
Sire: Prince Doran of Carthage (dead, murdered)
Embrace: 1866
Apparent Age: 31
Haven: Rubis d’le Nuit, a plantation several miles to the west of New Orleans
Generation 6th


What the player’s have learned about Prince Marcel …

The Prince is angry. He is obsessed with finding the identity of the player’s Sires. Apparently, these other Kindred broke his law, or are conspiring against him, and he wants the truth.

Marcel is the second Prince of New Orleans, who took over only ten years ago after his Sire, Doran of Carthage, was murdered. Doran had ruled New Orleans since its founding by the Spanish in the 1500’s. Marcel was the primary suspect but managed to convince the Primogen Council that he was not guilty of the crime. Specifically, Marie D’Richet was appointed to the Council as the Tremere Primogen and blocked all attempts to investigate the murder. It remains unsolved. She then became his paramour and moved into his house about two years ago. Since that time, the other Primogen have joined The Savoy.

Despite Marcel’s political problems, he still wields most of the power in New Orleans. He manipulates local politics and business to suit his needs, and has something of a stranglehold on both, though his statewide influence is limited. Marcel’s tastes are well-known; he feeds only on young men – the more attractive, the better.

Prince Marcel Guilbeau d'Esperanza

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