Jack McCandles

Jack is very gaunt and has a disturbing countenance. He wears simple brown slacks and a button-down shirt, but he dons expensive running shoes when he’s working.


Archetype: Transporter
Equipment: Audi A8 W12 (modified for cargo), VW Vanegon Westy (top pops up like a tent), .38 special revolver, and car keys
Favored Skills: Streetwise, Drive
Influence: Jack can contact members of certain Underworld groups: Police, Canal Street Bordellos, Werewolves of Bourbon Street (Dauphine Books).
Contacts: Jack has a friend in the N’awlins DA’s office he grew up with. A Deputy District Attorney, Michael “Mick” Rample, works the French Quarter and he’ll do small favors for his old bro’ as long as it’s not gonna get Mick fired. He’ll also do him a big favor, for a favor in return. Jack also has a Fixer, Vasili “Vaz” Cato, a very scary Hungarian who Jack does deliveries for. Vaz connects the client with the “Transporter” and Jack gets paid in cash. Vaz knows people, a lot of people.
Fame: Jack is one of the top Transporters in the Southeast and in certain circles he’s kind of famous.


Things I have learned since my Embrace …
Inner Demon – That thing inside me is pouring kerosene on my emotions. I have always had a short fuse, but now it’s worse. Every time I even think of what happened to me I almost go berserk. “Someone’s gonna pay, someone’s gonna pay, someone’s gonna pay …”
Strong Will – When Prince Marcel tried to enter my mind he ran into something. It drove him out and enraged him. Did he absorb my anger? Is it contagious?

Jack McCandles

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