Christopher d'Esperanza

Christopher is nearly six feet tall, with long, sandy-blond hair that hangs past his shoulders. He is clean-shaven and has light blue eyes. He prefers to dress in jeans and T-shirts, wearing a blue denim jacket and black boots when he goes out


Keeper of the Elysium
Archetype: Free Spirit
Sire: Marcel Guilbeau d’Esperanza, Embrace: 1985, Apparent Age: 18
Haven: Rubis d’le Nuit, and several places in the French Quarter
Generation 8th


What the players have learned about Christoper …

Christopher was their jailor the night they were taken before the Prince. He didn’t say much but did treat them kindly.

Christoper is also the Keeper of the Elysium in New Orleans, and has asked Alexi to teach them about the rules of the Elysium so that they can meet other Kindred there and continue their investigation.

Christopher d'Esperanza

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