Becky Lynn Adler

Becky Lynn is beautiful and delicate. She is recently 18, with soft blond hair and deep brown eyes. She is always dressed formally and at the height of fashion.


Archetype: Southern Belle
Equipment: Gucci Purse, Chanel Dress, La Perla undies, Ferragamo heels, $523 cash, $5000 in jewelry, Chanel perfume bottle, Benefit makeup
Favored Skills: Subterfuge, Academics
Resources: Becky’s family has a vast fortune. She has $5,000,0000 in liquid assets and can spend up to $20,000 a Month without any problem.
Influence: Becky is a visible member of New Orleans’ social elite and people in the higher echelons of society pay attention to her. Her areas of influence are High Society and Politicians.
Contacts: Becky’s father is a wealthy and powerful industrialist in Louisiana.
Striking Looks: Heads turn and conversations stop when Becky enters a room.


Things I have learned since my Embrace …
Illusion of Life – Tina, Steve and I appear be fully human, alive and healthy. We can walk among humans more easily and we don’t create that sense of unease in humans that some of the others do. Our skin is warm to the touch. And we have the capacity to eat and drink normal food as a human does. I can still savor the taste of a good drink! Unfortunately, it’s an illusion. We don’t derive any nourishment from normal food, and we live off blood like the others. But our ability to eat is a benefit to those of us who are still trying to live among humans.
Rarified tastes There is something yummy about tourists. I seem to taste their exuberance and joy for living in their blood. I particularly like the first-timers and honeymooners.

My Vampire Powers:

Awe – You get noticed, even in the busiest room. Your beauty and charisma draw the attention of others like moths to a flame. [Your Awe is difficult to resist].
Gaze – You can allow your Beast to surface, focusing its rage on another individual. Your bloodthirsty nature is apparent in your features as the Beast hisses or roars in dark, primal wrath. Those targeted quail before you, fleeing in terror.
Command – You can exert your will upon an individual and force them to obey. A single word, even one embedded in a sentence, can become an imperative command. [Your Commands have an extended duration].

Becky Lynn Adler

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