Alexander "Alexi" Dubreski

Alexi prefers stylish fashions (from the 1970's), but keeps to the loose-fitting styles that hide his body’s emaciated appearance.


Sheriff for Prince Marcel
Archetype: Soldier
Sire: Constantine, Sabbatt Bishop (Russia)
Embrace: 1986
Apparent Age: 21
Haven: Rubis d’le Nuit, Prince Marcel’s home outside New Orleans
Generation 9th


What the players have learned about Alexi …

Alexander is in service to Marcel. He is his enforcer. Alexander was Embraced against his will, and he sees much of himself in the player characters. He is willing to help them, even to the point of providing trivial boons without any repayment, for as long as they hunt their Sires.

Alexi had Mary’s Coterie killed at Prince Marcel’s orders. They were slain as they slept during the day in the attic above the Spiritual Reading Room. His Mercedes was spotted outside as his Thralls set the fire, killing Louis’ Sire and all of Mary’s friends.

Alexi has a Russian girlfriend somewhere in the city that he likes spending time with.

Alexander "Alexi" Dubreski

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