New Orleans by Night

Chapter 5

The Vampire Ball

The Vampire Ball is the social elite’s private celebration in New Orleans. Only those who know of the hidden world of the Masquerade are allowed entry. That means few mortals and all supernaturals. It is Elysium, so it is a chance for blood enemies to meet and socialize. Many peace accords are made at the Ball about current hostilities. The War between the Uktena Tribe of Garou and the Black Spiral Dancer Tribe of Lycans is the topic of debate.

Tina, as Page to Prince Marcel, may bring any number of guests but under the laws of the Elysium she is personally responsible for their behavior.

Father John comes to the Ball. He tells the Coterie that they have made a grave error; the Loa can lie. And Mary believed the Loa and acted accordingly. When he is taken before the Prince his defense is that Mary’s word cannot be trusted and neither can a vision from a Loa.


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