New Orleans by Night

Chapter 1

Waking From Death

[Primary storyline is taken from the Vampire the Requiem Demo, with a complete conversion to MET: Vampire the Masquerade]

The Coterie awakes in the Park after a wild night of fun in the French Quarter of New Orleans. At first, they think they’ve drank too much or got high or something. But quickly they realize that the people around them are strangers, and they feel both wary and angry. Soon, the situation escalates and Louis Maddox pulls a knife. The two girls, Tina and Becky Lynn agree to head out of the Park together, to get away from these men. And just then, some college kids enter the Park singing at the top of their lungs and carousing. The players find themselves drawn to the path that bisects the park and soon are facing the newcomers. They then experience a gnawing sensation in their stomach. Is it a reaction to what they drank? Is it poison? Louis lunges out at one of the young college boys intent on biting his throat, then catches himself. Each player finds themselves drawn to these drunken teenagers. Each player finds themselves driven to bite their necks. Only Steve Rockoff and Tina Baker succumb to their instincts and feed from two of the kids. Steve kills his victim and finds himself unable to cope with being a murderer. Tina finds the strength to stop before her victim dies only to see Jake shoot the victim for some reason. Father Marrow arrives to collect the characters and takes them to his Church. He explains to them that they are Vampires, or Kindred. And he tells them that they are cursed by God. Father Thomas, a human, helps them realize that this is not an illusion and that they really are undead who crave the blood of the living. A few minutes later, Alexander Dubreski, the Prince’s Sheriff, arrives to collect the new Kindred and meet the Prince of New Orleans, Marcel Guilbeau. Prince Marcel forces his way into their minds to discover the identity of their Sires and instead finds a complex weaving of Blood Sorcery that hides the event entirely. He grows enraged, and then wonders how these youngsters have manipulated his emotions. He hides his worry by threatening exile if the new Coterie fails to find out the identity of their Sires, and sends them back to the Park.


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